Simple space-saving ideas for your kitchen

Simple space-saving ideas for your kitchen

Your kitchen is likely to be the busiest area of your home and it is often a struggle to find a way to make sure it remains a comfortable place to cook and eat whilst leaving enough room for storage and placement of modern kitchen appliances. When kitting out a new kitchen you should consider carefully where each appliance would be best placed and what sizes are appropriate for your needs. For example, if you live on your own or as a couple then a large American fridge freezer is not going to be necessary.

Choosing a fitted kitchen is often the best way to make use of the space you have available. You can also disguise your appliances more easily using integrated dishwashers and washing machines that match the rest of your cupboards. Always ensure that you allocate enough storage space and work surface areas for the preparation of food.

If your kitchen is particularly small then you could opt for a narrow top-loading washing machine or a washer-dryer that will save the need to have two separate machines. Microwaves are another great idea for small kitchens, as they will fit just about anywhere. You can even replace your regular oven with a microwave oven and choose a design with an extendable turntable or dual shelving system to make the most of the space within.

Remember gas hobs dont have to be placed over a cooker either. If want to locate them in a separate area of your kitchen or if you have decided to ditch your oven altogether in favour of a microwave oven then it is possible to fit them on a separate work surface.

Once you have started to think about the careful arrangement of your kitchen you will be surprised how much you can squeeze into a small space!