Cellulitis Infection  National Health Information

Cellulitis Infection National Health Information

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Up until about five years ago, I had never heard of cellulitis but since having the infection for the first time in late 2006, I have heard more and more people mention that they are suffering from a cellulitis infection or that they know of someone who is. Is it becoming more common? Or is it that we now know the name it? I can remember my father-in-law suffering for many years with a chronic infection in his leg. I think it was likely cellulitis but it certainly wasnt diagnosed back in the 70s and 80s.

Cellulitis is a very serious skin infection that most commonly occurs in the lower leg or the facial area. It is caused by bacteria which can enter through a break in the skin (but doesnt always) and requires antibiotics as soon as possible to get it under control. If the infection is misdiagnosed or antibiotics are not started early enough, it can take a very long time to get rid of. A mild infection, diagnosed early can be cured within a week to ten days with a course of oral antibiotics. If the oral antibiotics dont work or the infection gets a good hold before getting treatment, the infection can go on for weeks before it is under control. Once you have had one infection, you are more likely to contract it again. Other risk factors include venous insufficiency, diabetes, obesity and pregnancy.

Avoid chronic cellulitis by looking after your skin and leading a healthy lifestyle. Keep your skin clean and well moisturized by using a mild PH balanced soap and a cream with at least 10%Urea. Avoid injuries to the lower legs, particularly when playing sports. Use protective equipment and wear protective clothing like long pants if you are gardening. A good exercise and walking regime can definitely help and a diet that includes lots of grains, fruits and vegetables is always a good idea.

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