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Body building exercises and tips please?

MBibovski asked:

I’m 13 , 5′8” (175 cms) and 137 pounds (62 kgs) and I want to build up my body, especially my arms and chest.This past 2 months I gained 22 lbs, because I was very skinny so I started to workou a bit and ate a lot more. I practise basketball every Monday Wednesday and Friday.I had no equipment home and no gyms around so I lifted bottles and stuff and I made pushups. Yesterday I bought a pair of 9 lbs(4 kgs) dumbbells and I improvised a bench with two chairs and pillows so now I have some “equipment” at home. Please give me some exercises so I can build my arms and chest. *I want to focus more on my chest


Good home-excercise/body-building routine?

Federico A asked:

I need help.

I don’t have enough money just yet to be able to secure myself in a gym. Nor do I have one for some machines. I am a 19y/o guy, standing 5′6″ and I just weigh 119lbs.

Yes, I am practically “thin” but not very “thin” if I may add.

Anyway, can you help me? It would be better if you are a gym trainer. So, I am planning to start my own bodybuilding/home-exercise routine at home?

What do I need to do? Like this day, what should I be doing? Then is it safe for me to work out the next day?

I have a 20lbs weights for me to start my curls. So, how long should I stick to that? Then after that, how many minutes rest for me to start on another work out? Like what are the things should I be doing a day? How long?

Thank you so much, I am so sorry if I get it too detailed that I may confuse you. Thanks for the help.


How late is it to start body building?

bora_priya asked:

I am around 35 years old and lack body mass and muscle. Is it late to start going to the gym? Till what age can a person gain muscle by going to the gym and exercising?


Body building injury, Shoulder Dislocation,,,?

jasser hashem asked:

before 3 weeks when i was in gym training i have injured my left shoulder , during exercise -seated dumbbell presses- so the joint Dislocated and i put my hand on it and pushed it back to previous location. it dose not hurt .much. i haven’t seen doctor just stopped training for about 3 weeks,, and know after 3 weeks from the injury my shoulder dose not hurt me even when i play , BUT when i play i notice that the the muscle or joint ,i don’t know, moves strange when i train shoulder muscles.
so what should i do ?


Body building exercises ?

MilkyMoon asked:

Without equipments


Can someone suggest body-building exersices that would not stop or reduce height growth?

Dhonch asked:

My brother is a teenager, and he is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He has now put in some weight due to continuous studies for his public examinations. He is still a growing boy ….and he wants some exercises that he can do …which will not stop or reduce his height growth. Of course yoga should help him ..yet I am looking for someone to suggest some good excersises for him.


body building question?

snunicycler asked:

i want to look like this guy
i dont want to get huge like a lot of body builders but i do want my pecs, biceps, abs, back and shoulders to be noticeable without flexing. right now i am a 132lb. 5′5″ and have a little bit of muscle. what exercises should i be concentrating on?


i need some body-building advice on working out my upper body, in particular adding muscle to my arms?

vinny asked:

-20 years old
-i use to do alot of cardio (long distance running) during high school, and as a result im skinny but now i want to ‘bulk up’ (muscle)
-suggest any exercise tips, advice, websites
-particular food/drink i should consume (obviously protein)
-are protein supplements/milkshakes/powders any good?

thank you

Theresa flexa plus

Body building exercises? with images?

Dale C asked:

Hi all. I would like know the name of the most popular exercises ( bench press, dead lifts etc…)

I know how to do all of them, but I don’t know what I am doing. Where can I see an images with the names of exercises?


Help needed on body building problem?

Renegade asked:

Hey, I’m currently doing body building exercises at a gym and I’m getting tired a lot after training. I used to do body building about 3-4 years ago and I used to get refreshed after training, but I never took any supplements or any pills or injections at all. I’m 25 years old, 1.78 meters tall, and weigh up to 110Kgs (not a lot of muscle, mostly fat). I train about 4-6 days per week (since 1month now), and I divide my training to Chest-Biceps (1day), Shoulders-triceps(1day), Back-Trapeze(1day) with 10-15 minutes of slow running at the end of each training day. I have asthma, so I can’t run a lot. I never get tired at the next day of training, but only the night after training. And my muscles grow very slowly, so I need about 2-3 months of training before seeing or feeling any improvement in my muscles. My question is, what do you suggest for me to do to not feel tired all night after training (I used to feel refreshed after training when I trained some time ago)? And should I do something about my muscle growth speed?